PESCADOS AIROA SL commercializes all kind of fresh fish. We developed the process of commercialization of our products which goes through several phases until they reach the end consumer:

  • Obtaining the product: This is realized by extractive fishing using various methods in order to catch determined species in a more efficient way and taking in consideration the specific conditions of the location.
    Once the ships arrive in the port with their catch of the day, the product is drained in boxes for the immediate transfer to the auction house.descarga
  • The buyers choose the best fish product according to the demand of each client.
  • Storage: The product is stored during the process (first waiting for processing and then packed and waiting for shipment to destination) in cold storage in order to improve conservation and maintain the product in good condition.
  • Processing and packaging of the product: In the refrigeratedstorage room, the product is carefully selected separating those parts that do not meet the required quality standards; once classified and selected, the product is subjected to a meticulous cleaning process and then packaged in Styrofoam boxes for a direct and immediate delivery. This process takes place under controlled temperature conditions in a cooled room.
  • Distribution: The distribution always takes place on the same day as the rest of the process and is realized in refrigerated trucks, always maintaining the correct temperature without any interruptions during the whole process chain.

We dedicate all our efforts to supply the product as fast as possible to the market to guarantee the freshness of the product.