Whiting, European hake or hake (MERLUCCIUS MERLUCCIUS)

It is a highly estimated low fat whitefish, gray silverfish colored, with small scales, which is classified in several groups according to weight and dimensions. It is a marine fish of the Gadidae family, with almost cylindrical elongated body and it receives the scientific name of Merluccius merluccius, regardless to its size.

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The hake is a fish of different seas, however, the hake from the Cantabrian Sea or the Galician bank, is for its meat and consistency the most quoted one.

Although depending on the zones where it comes from it might have a different morphological structure, but in general it has a very cylindrical look, with a fine, elongated and slim body, big head, flat on the upper side, and a jaw until the vertical side in the center of its eye. The back is gray gold colored and the ventral part is whitish.

*Its weight and size are the differential factors in reference to a classification. Generally, up to 1/1.5 kilos it is considered as a whiting and hake with 7-8 kilos, however there have been ones up to 15 kilos.


Obtaining of the product:

  • Extractive fishing by trawling and with fishing net. Capture zone is the Northwest Atlantic (FAO27)

Presentation of the product:

  • Entire fish and refrigerated in water, ice and salt.